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In our medical institution, a different scrub suit design is mandated in every school year’s clinical clerkship to represent the batch. Since clinical clerkship in medical school is an extremely messy and exhausting task, we wanted to look good in our scrub suits while walking in the hallways of hospitals (which serve as our runways, for that matter). We chose Miss Juliana to design the scrub suits, since she’s known for her unique and critical fashion pieces. Indeed, she did not disappoint! She turned a seemingly overlooked piece of apparel into a creative piece that everybody loved.


—  Alexandra, client


Get in touch and let's turn your vision into reality! As a versatile and creative illustrator with a passion for fashion, I offer a wide range of services that bring art and style together. Whether you need captivating illustrations for your brand or desire exquisite fashion designs that reflect your unique personality, I've got you covered.

Let's collaborate on your next project and create something truly exceptional. Reach out to me today and let the magic begin! 

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