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A Day in My Life

in the middle of a pandemic

A short film that details the day-to-day occurrence in Juliana Hellmuth's life: from brewing morning coffee, working on her upcoming S/S 2021 capsule collection, and attending her German language course in the afternoon. This is short film is a glance into the life of a creative Filipina in the middle of a pandemic.

Everyday Fall Makeup Look

wishing everyday was Autumn in Germany

An Autumn-themed make-up video to celebrate the hope for a better season than the previous year's.

I'm 24 and Scared

celebrating heartbreaks, healing, and growth

A short film about my birthday journal that details my recent heartbreak in 2020 while trying to settle in my new apartment in a new country.


designs by Allysa Lyn Damole

A peek into Allysa Lyn Damole's 2017 graduation collection inspired by the streets of Luxembourg.


final video teaser

A final peek into Juliana Hellmuth's graduation collection before the fashion show in September 30, 2016.

Behind the Seams 2

Ambivalence by Juliana Hellmuth

A film documentation behind the photoshoot for the teaser of the Fashion Institute of Design and Arts' (FiDA) 2016 graduates.

Behind the Seams

Ambivalence by Juliana Hellmuth

A film documentation of Juliana Hellmuth's progress in her graduation collection and a peak of the inspiration behind Ambivalence.

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