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A 7-piece Sustainable Capsule Collection for Spring/Summer 2021

About Tingpamulak

Having faced Gender Dysphoria and internal misogyny from her early childhood, this collection serves as a love letter to her younger self, only asking the question, "what did my 6-year old self really want to wear?" as the guide for creating this collection.

This collection finally embraces her love for the color pink and balances it with the edginess that the color black brings. All the garment pieces are made from second-hand clothing such as table cloths, scarves, dresses. and more. The collection reflects the late 90s and early 2000s fashion style while adding her signature, the

Vagina Rose, symbolizing her blooming femininity.

About Look #1

"Hilas kaayo ka," I remember being told that after I refused to wear a strappy top. The truth is, I liked the top, but I didn't like to see myself wear it. At 6 years old, I've heard the other boys talk about girly-girls and how emotionally weak they were. 

When I realized that I was a girl, I decided that I didn't want to be like most girls. That top remained unworn and given to someone else.

This Look #1 is for the top that I never had the chance to wear.

About Look #2

At a time when I was unsure about my own gender, Britney Spears was the only figure in my life that I was sure of. Her power, self-confidence, and talent meant everything to a 6-year old who had none of those.

This look is a tribute to her "A Dream Within a Dream" tour outfit for her I'm a Slave 4 U number.


Two different stretchy knit garments were merged together to create this look, capturing the texture of the rose petals, while replicating the exposed hem, a signature accent of the late 90s and early 2000s trend.

About Look #3

Juliana used the greyscale moon logo from 2014 until the first half of 2020 to remain a "unisex" brand. Whereas truly, she didn't want her personal brand to be associated with anything feminine.

The former moon logo created as a top is her own closure to that era as she welcomes the new one. The same manner how discarded chiffon and cotton scarves were used to create something new for its new purpose.

About Look #4

The red faux leather jacket evokes strength as it is fortified by its shoulder pads.  Since the jacket's silhouette is already perfect as it is,

it only needed one more touch—the Vagina Rose.


The Vagina Rose is embroidered using different textures of yarns with loose threads freely flowing, replicating the white discharge oozing out of it, decorating the flower itself.


The Vagina Rose is a bold stamp of femininity worn proudly for everyone to see.







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About Juliana Hellmuth

Hellmuth was born in Germany and was raised in Davao, Philippines where she graduated Fashion Design and Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Design and Arts. She has studied painting since the age of 6. After graduation, she began actively advocating for sustainable fashion and has been invited to multiple speaking engagements for tech and sustainable fashion.


In 2020, she received her certificate in Sustainable Sourcing for Fashion from UAL: Central Saint Martins (London, England).

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