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Watercolor and Acrylic Illustrations

2013 - 2022


Juliana Hellmuth has been painting since she was 6 years old with the guidance of her personal mentors. Painting with acrylic and watercolor is the best medium for her to illustrate her dreams and imaginations. The application of gold foils and metallic paints helps her capture the iridescence she sees the world with.

She loves painting female subjects and describes her works as ethereal, surreal, iridescent, and vulnerable, having been inspired by the works of Salvador Dali, Valerie Chua, and Rembrandt.


Hellgirl's Heyday of Hedonism



In 2017, Juliana Hellmuth published her 2nd zine for the BLTX (Better Living Through Xeroxography) event. After living a hedonistic lifestyle, she took the time to stay still and tell her story, a zine that was eventually written, illustrated, and published within 12 hours.

The publication of the zine sold out within the event and with the warm reception, it spawned up to its third batch of publication to keep up with the public demand.

In April 2018, Juliana Hellmuth was interviewed regarding the success of her self-made zine and it was published on the online magazine,  Lokalidad Mag.

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