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Trying Out the Rouge

Updated: Jan 13, 2018

I was recently invited to a wedding of my former churchmates and my favorite couple: Camille and Lowe. Needless to say, I was very ecstatic! I have not seen them in over a year or two and still they remembered to send me an invitation despite the absence of time and I couldn't just help but really appreciate their thoughtfulness. As we talked, they said the motif was Rosewood Red, "What a great choice!", I thought to myself as I giddily danced on my seat.

I like wearing outfits that can be appropriate for two different functions and since I had a meeting scheduled before the wedding, I had to consider it. So when I saw the rib knit dress, I immediately settled for it! 

I showed up with the dress that covered enough skin and yet still hugged my body perfectly to show off my curves. It was also comfortable enough to make me move around without being overtly conscious about a wardrobe malfunction. Grabbing my favorite pair of half-hoop earrings from SM Accessories and my trusty pair of gold strapped stilettos from People Are People, I was ready to go! 

Like I said, I had a scheduled meeting prior to the wedding so I made sure to bring a handbag that was big enough to carry my laptop and DSLR and of course, I picked one that went well with the outfit, the gold accents on it helped make a smooth transition of my whole ensemble.

Seeing the photos again, I should totally dare myself to sport a flattering shade of rouge on my lips... well, maybe that's what we will have to look forward to on my next post! 

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