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Nude for Sunday

We all know how Sundays are spent by catching up on sleep from a week of all-nighters, waking up with the aroma of coffee filling your nostrils, and by spending the day for some quality bonding with our loved ones.

Finally, after weeks of postponing the dinner due to our busy schedules, my highschool bestfriends and I were able to arrange a day for our annual dinner, one that we hold each year to gather, catch up, exchange gifts, and drink. One of them wanted the photos to look good so he assigned a motif: PASTEL. I already mentioned in my previous blog how my wardrobe lacks pastel colors and the closest thing I could ever get my hands on were my abundance of nude-colored outfits of different shades.

So I picked one that I bought a few months ago and yet never had the chance to wear until now. The great thing about the dress is that it exudes a Madame Grès aesthetic which I fall in love to over and over again,

P.S. We had our dinner at Wild Garlic (located in Maa), they serve really great food and their staff is very accommodating!

So how about you? How did you spend your Sunday?

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