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Out in My Lingerie

I have a knack for pairing up the oddest combination ever (hello 2009 fashion style of pairing a purple statement tee + pink plaid, high-waist skinny jeans + Red by Marc Ecko sneakers) and to be honest, if committing a fashion crime was as serious as murder and felony, I would have been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Gladly, I've learned through the years and a degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising later, I have developed the right instincts of what to not to wear for a day out. But last Saturday, I once again found myself wearing nothing but a damp towel as I stood before my clothing rack with the typical girl problem: "I have nothing to wear," for which we all know is a big, fat lie. Impatient with myself, I just grabbed whatever seemed like a good top—which ended up being the lingerie with a deep plunging neckline.

But wait, lingerie? On a day out?

I know, it sounds like a bad idea to start with but trust me, I'll make it work.

What I like about going to a fashion school is that you will always have extra fabric lying around and previous projects you can always work with in the future, and conveniently enough, I was able to find this contemporary ethnic-print skirt I made myself for my project in Apparel Manufacturing class back in 2015.

With the 2 combinations looking like a good solid pairing, I still felt bare, but guess what I found this time? The ₱5.00 knit throwover I bought in 2014 and oddly enough—it worked!

I ended up looking like your basic Tumblr boho chic from 2009-2010 which was insanely nostalgic for me.

But what about you, what are your odd pairings?

shutterbug | Kathreen Cascabel

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