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Springing Out in Style

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Lately, I have been busy with art events here and there. I recently left my 9-5 office work in pursuit of going back to my freelance career and it has been great! Now, I have more time to do meetings, hang out with friends, create a few paintings every week — all while being able to do my work without being ultimately stressed like how it used to be for me.

I have also been blessed enough that people are supporting my latest work of art, my zine full of poems and illustration, Hellgirl's Heyday of Hedonism. I never thought people would actually be so supportive of it until there was a clear need for me to publish a 3rd batch of copies!

I must admit, the Holiday season made me gain a bit of weight here and there so I picked out random but effective pieces to create a cohesive look which will camouflage my additional love handles.

With the floral-printed bustier top, it distracts anyone from seeing my belly folds — ultimately making me look slimmer, like I just didn't finish a whole tier of Tiramisu all by myself last Christmas eve. By matching it with a pair of high-waisted shorts, I was able to define my waist, creating a curvier silhouette and lastly, I was finally able to wear the sheer button-down shirt with sequined lace trimmings I bought at the flee market for ₱ 10 ($0.20)!

And would you believe that I just bought this plastic envelope with gold & black Chevron print for only ₱ 50 ($1)? I didn't want to walk around downtown with a basic brown envelope containing all of my zines so at first, I thought it was silly when I found myself in the envelope aisle looking for something to match my outfit but seeing the whole look now, I am totally giving myself a pat on the back for making that great decision!

Also, this post would mark as my first #OOTD for 2018 so I am definitely hoping for more in the following days! Until next time!

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